The Candy Witch is the mother of Ginger Breadhouse and embraces her evil reputation, but she puts her love for her daughter first.



Widely believed to be threatening, the Candy Witch is actually more welcoming than most. The Candy Witch seems to be enjoying the controversy about her being evil, but not so much with her daughter, Ginger, who has other plans. She is anticipating the day when Ginger finally accepts her evil heritage. Despite her personal hopes, she still top-prioritizes Ginger's thoughts and beliefs, showing genuine care and love for her daughter.


She has messy green hair filled with twigs, bugs and other things to make her appearance more witch-like. A notable feature would be her hairy wart under her chin.

After receiving a makeover which she still makes the effort to renew for Ginger's sake, she has tame bubblegum pink hair and long eyelashes.

Fairy tale

Main article: Hansel and Gretel



She is the single mother of Ginger Breadhouse.


Back when she was a student, Rumpelstiltskin revealed to Ginger that he and her mother had once dated.


Per the request of Headmaster Grimm of Raven Queen visiting someone evil for Yester Day, she visits the Candy Witch. The Unfairest of Them All Ginger has trouble fitting in due to her mother's reputation. For some of her school life, Ginger is homeschooled by her mother because of her insecurities. On Ginger's school graduation day her mother decides to go for a makeover to make her appearance look more welcoming. She receives a call from Ginger, who tells her about saving her MirrorCast show in exchange for presenting her mother a date with Rumpelstiltskin. For the sake of Ginger, she promises to make their date unforgettable. The Candy Witch shows up on school grounds and is greeted by Ginger, who has problems of her own. She shows Ginger her picnic basket for the date filled with normal treats made without much happiness, to Ginger's dismay. Ginger tells her that maybe she should stop pretending to be someone she's not, but the Candy Witch firstly suggests to take a good look at herself too. She later appears on Ginger's cooking show. Kiss and Spell The Candy Witch and Ginger are invited to the Dark Fairy's Villa for Ginger to have a playdate with Faybelle. Upon arriving, the Candy Witch jokingly asks Faybelle if she would prefer to be baked or fricasseed. She starts laughing, then assures Faybelle it's a joke. Ginger offers Faybelle a cookie, and the Dark Fairy asks if the cookies are poisoned, to which the Candy Witch says she would never try to poison a comrade's daughter. The Candy Witch visits with the Dark Fairy while Ginger and Faybelle go play. Fairy's Got Talent

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