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Bunny Blanc debuted in the books in Fairy's Got Talent of the Ever After High book series, which came out on December 15, 2015.


Ever After High (II)

Bunny apologizes to her roommate, Faybelle, when Faybelle finds a carrot stem in her shoe. Faybelle comments that she doesn't know how Bunny can eat carrots all the time, and Bunny tells her she thinks they're delicious. Faybelle uses her magic to lift their beds of the floor for a few moments and suggests Bunny keep her veggies on her side of the room from now on. Bunny agrees, and then quickly leaves the room. That Saturday, Bunny comments on Faybelle looking different, and Faybelle tells her she can't wear a cheerhexing uniform for a theater audition. Bunny suggest Faybelle add a hat to her ensemble, which causes Faybelle to scowl at her, deciding a crown would be better. Faybelle asks Bunny to watch Spindle while she's gone. Bunny agrees, saying she'll take Spindle for a walk. Faybelle kisses Spindle goodbye, and Bunny wishes Faybelle good luck at her audition. While working on thronework, Bunny asks if Faybelle is doing okay, since her wings have mysteriously wilted. Faybelle says she's fine, and Bunny asks if she's sure about that, commenting how Faybelle has dark circles under her eyes and has been acting different, not complaining about Bunny's messiness. Faybelle's MirrorPhone rings, and she steps out of the room for a few minutes. When she returns, she tells Spindle she's going to dinner, and Bunny asks if Faybelle could bring her back a salad, to which Faybelle asks what Bunny thinks Faybelle will say. Bunny guesses the answer will be "No", and Faybelle says she's right. Fairy's Got Talent

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