Brutta Sister is a 2013-introduced and book-only character. She was a student at Ever After High and was destined to be betrayed by her sister and be saved by her butterflies, but because she and her sister had a good relationship, they had planned to run away before Legacy Day. She and her sister were never seen again, and their fairy tale was erased from collective memory.



Brutta was a loyal and loving sister. She was athletic and playfully competitive.


Brutta was described as "not ugly" by her sister, though this is because they were sisters who loved each other, unlike their story.

Fairy tale

Main article: The Two Sisters



She had a sister named Bella Sister.


She had a cloud of butterflies that followed her.



Brutta Sister runs away with her sister, Bella, before Legacy Day, purportedly using a well to escape to an alternate world. The Storybook of Legends

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