Briar is putting together outfits to look her best, but is not fully satisfied. She contacts Apple and Blondie on MirrorChat for their input, which brings Briar the realization she forget to add jewelry. Quickly opening her jewelry trunk, Briar is shocked to find it empty. Needing to warn her parents of the thief in the castle, Briar utilizes her shortcut downstairs: through the window, below which a hay wagon is always waiting. Only, this time it isn't. Luckily for Briar, her father is there to catch her. He prepares to berate her for her reckless action, but she tells him of her missing jewelry, prompting him to run off to be "the hero".

Briar continues searching for her mother, noting that her eight brothers have made a mess of the castle in getting materials for a game of theirs. She eventually finds her mother asleep in her breakfast - random attacks on insta-sleep being a leftover from the curse placed on Sleeping Beauty. Briar inherited these attacks and seeing her mother asleep, she too is pulled into a slumber. Though principally inconvenient, being asleep greatly increases her hearing, so she hears her brothers talking about a treasure.

When she awakes, she looks for them in the garden. She finds her brothers pretending to be Peter Pan and various pirates, their surroundings littered with things they took from the castle - one of which is the hay wagon. Annoyed at their selfishness, Briar confronts her brothers. They quickly apologize and Briar is unable to stay angry. Claiming the role of Captain Hook for herself, she orders her crew to dig up the treasure, after which they'll invade the kitchen.


  1. Briar Beauty
  2. Apple White
  3. Blondie Lockes
  4. Sleeping Beauty's husband
  5. Loyalty Beauty
  6. Tenacity Beauty
  7. Courage Beauty
  8. Gallantry Beauty
  9. Honor Beauty
  10. Music master
  11. Sleeping Beauty
  12. Cook
  13. Scrub girl
  14. Fred



  • Briar is said to have eight brothers, of which five are named within the story. Three of the bunch are triplets, and Honor is the youngest Beauty sibling.