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Although it is out quiet in the premises, Rumpelstiltskin's cackle fills the halls and startles animals.
Rumpelstiltskin: AH-HAH-HAH-HAAAH!
As she was sleeping, Briar wakes up.
Briar Beauty: Huh?!
Rumpelstiltskin: You heard correctly, Raven Queen.
Apple White: Uh, [Stands up and raises her hand.] Professor Rumpelstiltskin? This is totally unfair.
Ashlynn Ella: You can't test us on chapters one through thirty-four!
Dexter Charming: We've only studied up to chapter two. [Holds fingers out.]
Cedar Wood: I cannot tell a lie and, well, [Folds arms.] that-that's just not very nice.
Rumpelstiltskin: Hahahaa!

Later at night, the students are gathered together in the lounge room for a study party.
Blondie Lockes: You guys don't know about Professor Rumpelstiltskin? At the beginning of each year, he gives an insanely hard test. His students have to ask for extra credit, which is just spinning straw into gold for him!
Cedar Wood: The test is tomorrow morning. Look - I'm totally getting stress splinters. [She looks at her hands.]
Briar Beauty: Well, I could tutor you guys. I've been studying on my own, like, forever after!
Ashlynn Ella: Royally cool!
Briar Beauty: [Loud yawning.] Let's start with the basic elements... [She collapses on a pile of books and starts snoring.]
Apple White: [Pokes Briar.] Huh...
Cedar Wood: If we can't wake up Briar, we're totally gonna fail the test!

As a wakeup attempt, Dexter and Hunter slam books loudly next to Briar.

Next, Daring flashes his bright smile in her face but instead her crownglasses fall over her eyes.

Lastly, Blondie turns on a holographic bear on her MirrorPad and it roars. Briar is still asleep.
Dexter Charming: Man... if only she took studying as seriously as partying.
Raven Queen: Ah! That's it!
Raven sets up a music player and turns it on.
Briar Beauty: Uh! Hey, guys, what's up?
Raven Queen: You! Finally. But now you have to stay awake and help us.
Briar Beauty: Well, there's one thing I'm always up for. A Study Party!
Everyone: Yes!
Briar Beauty: The basic elements: there's pixie dust [Points to pixie dust.] and dragon fire! [Points to dragon fire.]
At the same time of studying, the students are dancing along to music.
Ashlynn and Blondie: Pixie dust and dragon fire! Hahaha!

Rumpelstiltskin: Time is up! Let's see how you failed. Raven Queen - an A. Apple White - an A. Cedar Wood - [Angrily.] A! Hunter Huntsman - A! Briar Beauty - A!
Briar Beauty: Never underestimate the power of a Study Party! [She laughs along with everyone.]
Rumpelstiltskin: A! A! A! Argh!

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