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The Bouquet of the four royal Roses of the Seasons is the only cure for the kindness blindness. It consists of four roses, each representing a season of the year, from fairytale castles.

The Riddle

To find the four roses, one must remember a riddle.

Spring's rose stands out all alone,

Summer's rose wears a disguise.

The rose of fall hides in the crowd.

The rose of winter is found inside.

The Roses

The Spring Rose

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The Spring Rose is the rose that the Beast gave to Beauty in the story of Beauty and the Beast. It is the easiest rose to get when it's in season. It is found at Beauty and the Beast Castle. Rosabella Beauty is named after this rose and is its current keeper.

The Summer Rose

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Hidden in Cinderella Castle, it is a lot harder then the Spring Rose to get. It is hidden in the pumpkin from Ashlynn Ella's story. Ashlynn Ella is the current keeper.

The Fall Rose

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The Fall Rose might be the hardest rose to get. As it is hidden in Sleeping Beauty Castle, there are many many roses. But the rose of fall is hidden in the highest tower. Briar Beauty is the current keeper.

The Winter Rose

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The Winter Rose is protected by the Winter Royal Family at their castle on The top of the world. It was protected by the Snow Queen but the current keeper is Crystal Winter.


  • The Summer Rose and the Fall Rose's colors are swapped in the scroll's depiction of the roses.

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