Spring Unsprung - the curse lifter

The Book of Wonderland Riddles is an object used by the Cheshire Cat to stir up some chaos in "Spring Unsprung". It used to be stored in a library inside the Well of Wonder, though its current situation is unknown.


In Spring Unsprung, at the library inside the Well of Wonder's dimension, a scheming Cheshire Cat finds the Book of Wonderland Riddles, and, finding the undenying similarities, opens it and curses it, with a Topsy Turvy spell that causes who ever reads the riddles inside to have their personalities completely altered to the opposite. She slyly replaces the Storybook of Legends, in Alistair Wonderland's and Bunny Blanc's possession, and switches the two books. Later, at Ever After High, the duo reveals the Storybook of Legends, only to have it be denied by Milton Grimm, who affirms it is nothing but a mere riddle book, which upsets the duo. The Riddle Book is then found by Apple White who reads a riddle and gets cursed, triggering a chain reaction as more students will show the book to other students, causing various personality alterations. The book is later needed to stop the curse that has been put over the students, by reading the last riddle of the book backwards. The curse is broken.

In "Way Too Wonderland", the book is then mentioned by Kitty Cheshire in her trip to Wonderland, as she connects the White Rabbit's prophecy with the Cheshire's Cat book switching.


The Book of Wonderland Riddles is a hardback book with pages containing a series of riddles meant to be deciphered by the reader. Physically, the book resembles the Storybook of Legends at its fullest, only with a more greenish hue, but is maroon-colored with golden embellishments on each corner. There is a shiny mirror-like compartment in the center of the book. It is interactive and can be affected by Wonderland magic, with the effects including creating reactions on those who read it. The iris of the affected ones will be turned purple.


  • The link it breaks, the darkness creeps; But what will grin, where all shall weep?
  • Reading rhymes, marking time; To the topsy turvy mountain you climb.
  • From riddle to lies, the curious delight, But where is the answer to the darkness tonight?

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