Book - The Storybook of Legends cover

The book continuity is one of the three main Ever After High continuities, told through both of the Ever After High books series. The first book series was written by Shannon Hale. First published on October 08, 2013, it was discontinued approximately a year after - on October 21, 2014. The second book series is written by Suzanne Selfors and its first book was published on January 06, 2015. It is still publishing as of now.

The books waste no time in revealing the backstories of certain characters, or give extra noteworthy information. At times, they may reiterate what has already been said or done in the diaries or cartoon, but most of the content is original and new to the plot.

Despite the fact that two of the book series may have different continuities of their own, the information from both are considered significant enough to be canon. For example, books are the only source of information to-date specifying the pets belonging to which student, and even delve deep enough to shape characters for more character attributes that might even be present in the webisodes or diaries. The book continuity has a tendency to tie in with the diaries more than the cartoon; an example of this is that both continuities have confirmed that it was Lizzie Hearts who created Wonderland Grove, and Apple White's roommate switch. In some special cases, all three are linked together. Raven Queen's rebellion on Legacy Day proves this. The books give more detail and appeal to the characters prominent in each book.


Before the first book series ended, several character-centric stories were released together in a bundle book, Once Upon a Time. Most of the happenings in the short stories tied in with the main books of the series. This series was linked more with the diaries than the second series, as most of the information was likely gathered and branched out earlier.

The second book series's first book was Next Top Villain. Unlike the first series, this series focused on the school subjects and on certain students.

Continuity errors

As stated, the two series appeared to have separate continuities of their own. Regardless of that, the appearance time of characters remained the same.

Ever After High I

Main series

Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - While the new second year students are preparing themselves for Legacy Day, Raven and Apple uncover the mystery of the missing sisters from the forgotten tale The Two Sisters. They seek the help of Giles Grimm to find the missing sisters, but he claims that they've already transported themselves to an unknown realm long ago. On the day of Legacy Day, Raven decides on rebelling which inspires some to rebel as well.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Madeline is accused of setting the Jabberwock free from its cage - the Unicairn - in the Treasury. Raven and Apple sought for a magic spell from the Evil Queen to prove her innocent. With the Jabberwock still free, it rests and feels accustomed to its new home in Ever After.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - The Jabberwock starts feeling that Ever After is too normal for it. Therefore, it uses its archaic magic to transform Ever After into Wonderland, along with the inhabitants in it. Some students, however, are immune to the magic. Wonderlandians Kitty, Lizzie, and Madeline, along with Cedar, retrieve special artifacts to send the Jabberwock back to Wonderland and return the students back to normal. After the battle is won, Maddie realizes that everyone but her had lost their memory.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - A compilation of all the students' stories on their last day of summer.


Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Apple packs for school and plans to prove that her beauty is skin-deep.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Raven readies herself for a new year at Ever After High. She has a mirror chat with her mother, who anticipates Raven to be as evil as possible the first day in.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Briar finds her jewelry missing and plays pirate with her brothers with a secret motif behind their game.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - On the last day of summer, Madeline runs her father's tea shoppe and runs into a new girl, Clara Lear.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Ashlynn spends her final day at home helping out her animal friends. Later she hears several birds talking about a boy who helped them build a birdhouse.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Hunter has trouble being the next huntsman despite its perks as he would never dare hurt an animal. He fixes up the birds in the forest a birdhouse and sees a girl that catches his eye.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Dexter and his family spend the last day of summer break gathered together for their Charming Family Ball. Dexter finds that one of his cousins has been replaced by a changeling and is determined to rescue her. Instead of being rewarded by his rescue, he is rewarded for finding his Aunt Arachne's crochet hook.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Darling and her family go to the Charming Family Ball on the last day of summer. She plays a game of damsel-in-distressing with her many female relatives. She hides herself in a small compartment on the roof of the castle, but finds it mysteriously unlocked. Later, Darling rescues her cousin from where Dexter told her she was trapped in.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Unable to return home to Wonderland, Lizzie and Kitty spend their last day boringly hanging out in the library. Lizzie goes for a walk outside and finds the school gardener burning leaves. She stops him to save a family of hedgehogs. For the hedgehogs, Lizzie builds a home for them called Wonderland Grove.
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover - Kitty jumps through the real world and her in-between world using her powers and reappears everywhere around Ever After. She causes several fits of trouble: provoking Apple, hiding Briar's jewelry, and unlocking Darling's compartment.

Ever After High II

Main series

Book - Next Top Villain cover - In General Villainy, Professor Badwolf sets up a competition between his students. The competition's rules are that each student must eliminate one another until there is only one left standing, who will receive endless treasury. Duchess Swan, in particular, is hyped for this competition. She does everything in her power to eliminate her friends in the competition with the help of Sparrow Hood, including her roommate Lizzie Hearts, who is very piqued at Blondie's nosiness and misperception. Lizzie plans to use her magic deck of cards to cage Blondie. Duchess replaces her magic card deck with a normal one, and the next day students inform Lizzie what Duchess has been doing. On the day of the students' Princessology riding exam, Duchess understands that she's got to make it up to Lizzie. She saves Lizzie from falling into a ravine after her horse flings her off its back.
Book - Next Top Villain cover - Ginger's viewers from her show are nothing compared to Daring or Blondie's shows. To save her show from being cut entirely, Ginger acquires a wish cake from Rumpelstiltskin and makes Hopper try the cake. This gathers her viewers. Hopper wishes to not be embarrassed in front of Briar whenever he talks to her, but the wish cake backfires and he is stuck in frog form forever. He hops deep into a swamp. Ginger brings her friends together to rescue Hopper, who is camouflaged among a swarm of frogs. Reluctantly, Ginger and her friends try saving Hopper by kissing him. After kissing about a dozen frogs, Ginger kisses Hopper and he turns back to normal, but lies and says that his crush Briar kissed him.
Book - Next Top Villain cover - Dexter finds out that he has a case of princely pox. If he is unable to be cured, then he would not be able to take part in the tournament, tainting his family name in the process which is something that a Charming would never do. Darling decides making it up to her brother by dressing up in armor and going to class as Dexter, even besting the champion jouster, Daring. On the day of the jousting tournament, Dexter is in better condition to joust, though his jousting skills are below average. To get through this, Darling uses her power to slow down time to her advantage. While Dexter is jousting, Darling positions his lance to hit Daring's shield, but not in the center. In the end, Dexter comes in second place, pleasing his father.


Book - Next Top Villain cover - Duchess and Lizzie host a bird talent show, to prove that Pirouette is better than Daring's peacock, P-Hawk. Pirouette gets stage fright, but gets support from the other pets at Ever After High.
Book - Next Top Villain cover - Shuffle the hedgehog sneaks a few midnight snacks and gets a painful stomach ache the next morning. She is not intent on listening to Lizzie or Duchess, so the two decide on getting medicine, which displeases Shuffle. Pirouette offers Shuffle some grass and they have some more at the school grounds, which allegedly heal Shuffle's stomach ache.

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