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Blondie, Ashlynn, Cupid and Poppy wander around deeper in the woods. Faybelle is hiding behind a large tree, giving a thumb's up to a stump creature and leaves the scene.
Blondie Lockes: [Blondie trips on a stump and falls down.] Oh! Oof! [Gets back on her feet and brushes her laps.] Hang on! I tripped on a mossy stump...
Tree stump: [It transforms into a talking animate stump.] I'm no mossy stump! Issle Widget the Imp I am, and what great fortune is yours that upon me you've happened.
Poppy O'Hair: You're a who's-a-what now?
Tree stump: I will be guiding you four guests personally to the secret party of your desires! [Walks further away.] Follow me! [It laughs and joyfully jumps.] You're in for such a surprise! [The four girls eagerly follow the stump.]

Deeper in the forest, the stump guides them over a lake which the cross over using wooden planks.
Ashlynn, Blondie, Cupid and Poppy: [All gasp and hug each other in fear. They all start shaking.]
Biggle Waggle: [Unenthusiastically.] Hey girls, party party party and—whatever. [Rolls eyes.]
Blondie Lockes: [To the stump.] This isn't the Forest Fest, is it?
In response, the stump reverts back from animate to inanimate.
Biggle Waggle: I'm Biggle Waggle, and this is my bog. You girls adjusted my party. [He turns on a small boom box which blares out gloomy music. Eventually the planks leading to his throne vanish.] Spells, spells, well I curse my spell. [The four girls gasp.] Now you're cursed to stay here for a hundred years.
C.A. Cupid: Wait, what!
Ashlynn Ella: Why would you do that!
Biggle Waggle: Nobody ever invites me to anything! [Slams fist on his throne.] So I'm having my own party to compete with the Forest Fest. Now I order you to have fun! [Points a finger angrily and stands up.]
Poppy O'Hair: You can't order people to have fun! No wonder you're never invited anywhere. Seeing as how rude you are...
Biggle Waggle: Wah! [Flinches in disgust.]
Poppy O'Hair: If you wanna get invited anywhere, you need to start acting nicer. And it wouldn't hurt to take care of your appearance either! [Clicks fingers.] Blondie, my bag.

First, Poppy applies several amounts of shampoo to Biggle Waggle's hair.

Next, Poppy gives the hair a comb.

Poppy cuts the overgrown hair.

Finally, Poppy blow-dries Biggle Waggle's hair.

As a job-done, Poppy claps her hands together.
Poppy O'Hair: Ta-dah!
Biggle Waggle: I feel like a new troll!
Poppy O'Hair: [She puts her hand on the troll's shoulder.] How'd you like to go to the Forest Fest in my place?
Biggle Waggle: [Enlightened.] You would do that for me?
Poppy O'Hair: Sure! [Jumps off steps.] I would've let that Faybelle girl go in my place if she wasn't so pushy about it.
As Faybelle is eavesdropping and spying on them, she hears every word and looks back on her wrongdoings and troubles she's caused the girls.
Biggle Waggle: No one has ever shown me such kindness! [Loudly.] I lift the spell!!
The planks removed earlier all reappear.

This way to the Enchanted Forest!

Ashlynn, Blondie, Cupid and Poppy: Whoo! Yeah! Yay! That's wonderful! [Giggling.]
Tree stump: [It appears behind the buttress root of a tree next to Faybelle.] Hahaha, looks like the only one who got stumped was you! [Points to Faybelle.]
Faybelle is angered by its mockery, but lets it slide. Nonetheless, it turns back into an inanimate stump and she walks over to it.
Faybelle Thorn: [She sighs and sits on the stump sadly.]

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