When a grumpy forest troll traps the girls in a 100 year party, will Poppy's makeover skills be able to save them?


In the Dark Forest, one of Faybelle Thorn's plans to throw the girls off course is going underway. The four girls are still walking and Blondie trips on a stump, falling down. She brushes rubble off her legs and finds that the stump is actually a imp,named Issle Widget. After a few introductions the stump convincingly escorts them to the "secret party of their desires", which the four girls misunderstand as the Forest Fest.

Instead when they arrive at their destination, it is the exact opposite - a bored-looking troll decides on keeping the girls as a captive party for the next hundred years in rivalry of the Forest Fest since he's never invited to parties. After demanding they have fun, Poppy has had it. She confronts the troll and advises him to be nicer and care about his outlook more. At that note, she gives the troll a complete hair makeover, delighting the troll afterwards with the great outcome. Thanking Poppy with his spirits high, the troll gets a proposition from Poppy that he could replace her as Blondie's plus one. Poppy mentions that she would've given that position to Faybelle if she didn't keep touching the subject. Warmed by Poppy's kindness, the troll lifts the curse of a century-long party. Along with the troll, the four girls leave.

Of course, Faybelle overhears everything and guiltily reflects on her actions and what she's done.


  1. Faybelle Thorn
  2. Issle Widget
  3. Ashlynn Ella
  4. C.A. Cupid
  5. Blondie Lockes
  6. Poppy O'Hair
  7. Biggle Waggle



  • This is the second-to-last section of webisodes to show the girls going to the Blue Moon Forest Fest, and the second-to-last last webisode to continue on with the Forest Fest.
  • This might just be of cartoon continuity, but in the Suzanne Selfors books, Faybelle literally has no ability to be invited because, as a dark fairy and part of the lineage of her mother, the Dark Fairy, she was cursed to have people always forget to invite her.



  • Like the rest of the new webisodes, which are Chapter 3, this webisode was posted on a Friday; keeping up now with the "every other Friday" posting of webisodes in the line.