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The Blue-Haired Fairy is the fairy in The Adventures of Pinocchio, but also the fairy godmother from Cinderella. Her Italian name, or as translated, in the story of The Adventures of Pinocchio is the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, as in the character Pinocchio's tale, her hair is turquoise-colored instead of blue, but that is only in the original story instead of Ever After High.



The Blue-Haired Fairy is sweet in nature and incredibly helpful to those in need. She gives trustworthy advice to others and is naturally good at her job as a fairy.


The Blue-Haired Fairy is described to have blue hair in a bun. She is a round woman in shape, and she wears soft-colored clothing and casual wear. Her wings are blue at the tips.

Fairy tale

Main article: The Adventures of Pinocchio



She has a daughter mentioned in Fairy's Got Talent, but not much is known of their relationship.


Ever After High (I)

The Storybook of Legends She gives Cedar Wood helpful guidance on the last day of summer. Cedar Wood's Story

Ever After High (II)

The Blue-Haired Fairy escorts her daughter out of the local fitting shop. Fairy's Got Talent

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