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Welcome to Just Right, with me, Blondie Lockes! This week I'm reviewing the Beanstalk Bakery. Is the food here just right? Or is that just a tall tale?

First I ordered a porridge hocus latte, but it was too hot. Then it got too cold. You know what it wasn't? Just right.

Word is the Pinocci-donuts are all the page. Tell a lie and they grow! Cool trick, but not too much fun when your mouth is full and you don't want to share a secret. My jaw still hurts.

I had to try a piece of Dark Forest Cake. It's so dense and chocolaty. Too bad nobody warned me that it also makes your nightmares come true. If I never see a bear again, it will be too soon.

Finally, what I really came here for. The double hocus cupcake! So delicious and moist, I savored every bite. And that frosting! Royally magical! It was so good, I changed my mind about everything else.

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