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Jack B. Nimble: And so, your project is to trace your family tree. But remember, your research must be rooted in fact.
Blondie Lockes: Who would exaggerate their fairytale? Just so they could say they have royal roots, right? Eh, heh. Right? [Her eyes dart around and she smiles nervously.]

It's morning time and Blondie is in her dorm.
C.A. Cupid: [She pokes her head from the hallway's end.] C'mon, Blondie! Time to turn in our family tree projects!
Blondie is lying in bed with several tissues sprawled on the sheets. She is heavily covered by a blanket.
Blondie Lockes: [In a sick voice.] Oh, I-I'm not feeling, ugh...just right.
C.A. Cupid: Really? You were fine, like, ten minutes ago.
Blondie Lockes: [Angrily.] Yeah, well, I'm sick, okay? Ugh... I mean, [Pretends to be sick.] have fun...without me. [Fake coughs.]
C.A. Cupid: [She sits down on Blondie's bed.] Blondie, are you pretending to be sick so you don't have to do your family tree project?
Blondie Lockes: No, that's um, oh...just right. [She sits up and gets out of bed.] Cupid, my family is only...oh, distantly royal. So, what if I'm just choosing the destiny I want? Wouldn't that mean that I'm... I'm actually a Rebel?
C.A. Cupid: Blondie, Royals make choices too. They choose to follow tradition and honor their stories. [She holds hands with Blondie.] If you know in your heart that you're a Royal, then you need to tell the world!

Cedar Wood: I, uh, traced my Uncle Elmer back to this branch of the family! [She holds out a branch.]
Dexter Charming: And, um, so, even though we share the same name we are not related to the Charmings of Nottingham Forest, or the Charmings of Never After!
Daring Charming: [Sticks head out from behind the Charming tree portrait.] Or even the Charmings who came over on the Charmflower.
Apple White: Who knew there were so many unrelated Charmings in the fairytale world?
Blondie Lockes: [Blondie looks over to Cupid who gives her a thumbs up as she carries her presentation in. She clears her throat.] After my mother was captured by the bears, [Next slide.] she vowed to be a good girl, [Next slide.] and was sent to live on a magical cul de sac, where a long line of Lockes are from. There, she was declared queen of her community! [Next slide.] Just like her mom before her, and her mom before her!
Everyone is clapping for Blondie.
Apple White: As you would say, that Royal story is just right.

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