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In his office, Headmaster Grimm consults Blondie.
Milton Grimm: After the unfortunate events of Legacy Day, some students are questioning our lesser school legends. Maybe if a certain student used her MirrorCast to prove the school legends to be true...
Blondie Lockes: Great idea! I'll prove those legends are just right! [She takes out her MirrorPad and leaves the office. The Headmaster gives off a grin.]

Out in the halls, the bell rings and Blondie's MirrorCast immediately starts streaming.
Blondie Lockes: Hello, fellow fairy tales! With me today is Cedar Wood! [She holds out a troll tear bottle.] And she's gonna help me prove one of those school legends is totally true!
The Headmaster is standing behind them without them noticing, being shielded by a large wardrobe.

Troll tears make awesome shampoo! [Blondie removes Cedar's towel over her head, revealing green hair.]

Cedar Wood: [Gasp.] Wait a splinter!
In hand, the Headmaster is holding a regular shampoo bottle.
Blondie Lockes: Maybe we didn't use enough?
In silent, the Headmaster switches the bottles.

We're gonna make this just right! [She unknowingly sprinkles regular shampoo over Cedar's head.]

Cedar Wood: Blondie, stop it! [Cedear holds her hands out.]
Blondie Lockes: [Gasp.] See? What'd I tell ya?
Milton Grimm: [The Headmaster walks away but trips on a couch.] Whoa! [He spills troll tears over his hand and it starts turning green and swelling.] Oh!

Blondie Lockes: We're here in the Charmitorium to prove another of the school legends: Giants are terrible dancers. Helping me out is Duchess Swan! [She gestures over to Duchess.]
Duchess Swan: [Duchess begins dancing by starting off with a pirouette, and spins. Tiny enters behind her.] Ahhh!
Blondie Lockes: And Tiny.
Tiny: [(From the broadcasting mirror.)] And a one, and a two...
Blondie Lockes: But...we're supposed to be proving the legends are true! Giants can't dance!
The Headmaster finds the lights and uses a mirror to reflect one of them into Tiny's eyes.
Tiny: Ah! My eyes! I can't see! [Tiny falls down.] I'm okay!
The Headmaster is sat on by Tiny.
Milton Grimm: Uhhh!
Blondie Lockes: [She wags her finger.] The legend is proved.

Blondie Lockes: With the help of Sparrow Hood, we are going to prove playing just the right song will sue the fearsome griffin into leaving its nest.
The Headmaster begins climbing a large branch leading to a griffin's nest.
In the background, Sparrow begins playing his guitar and the griffin moreover seems to be enjoying the music.
Milton Grimm: Shoo! Go! Fly away! [He pokes the griffin with a stick but it kicks Grimm down.] UAHHHHH!
Sparrow Hood: Buy my demo on the MirrorNet! It's totally outlawed!
Milton Grimm: Oof! Ohhhh..
Blondie Lockes: Headmaster, the show is going great! And I've got so many hexcellent ideas for more episodes. We can prove that unicorns are really violent!
Milton Grimm: Uhhhhh… [Collapses.]
Blondie Lockes: That beanstalks have the sharpest thorns! Oh, oh, oh!

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