• Rosalaun


    June 23, 2018 by Rosalaun

    As some of you may have noticed page comments have been temporarily turned off. The reason for this is that is due to the constant back and forth arguments on the whole Darling/Apple destinies. Many of these arguments have have just been repetitive and non-constructive.

    While pages still have talk any posts regarding the topic left on said talk pages will be deleted ash they have just been clogging up the recent activity section.

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  • Drafor

    Ever After High: Students: Ceder Woods: The Next Pinocchio:

    Ceder Wood could be the Next Pinocchio or a Rebel from what her father did in the past. Dare old Dad saved Rude and Spoil Children from danger. Do you remember the Ring Master inviting rude children to the circus at the Exhibition Fair?

    They could do anything they wanted however they were told not following the directive Principle rule or Modest Moral Descent Value Traits of Integrity. Unruly children went on a roller Coaster Ride Morphing into a Stubborn Hypocritical Mules.

    They were to be drafted and trained by the Monarch King, and Queen. Children stretched, grew fast taller into mature adults to become Mural Soldiers: Preparing them for the Knight Hood of the Revolutionary conflic…

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  • ApricityBlue

    EAH Madeline Hatter

    December 14, 2017 by ApricityBlue

    I think Maddie is one of the greatest EAH characters because.

    Reason 1: She's hilarious. 

    Reason 2: She's kind of like me or more like most people, Crazy!

    Reason 3: She has blue! (My fav color) 

    Reason 4: She makes no sense sometimes xD

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  • Snowclaw5553


    November 28, 2017 by Snowclaw5553

    Hello I like to can siter that I am a warrior cats rep that being said I haven't been it for a while because I was on here.

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  • Daffodillydoo


    October 16, 2017 by Daffodillydoo

    I don't know if this exists already, but I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of all the birthdays we know of so that we can use it for reference.  People have a bad habit of changing the birthdays, and having all the birthdays listed in one place will hopefully make it easier to correct mistakes.

    Lizzie - January 18

    Bunny - January 21

    Ginger - January 24

    Darling/Dexter - February 11

    Hunter - March 13

    Nina - March 23

    Daring - April 2

    Duchess - April 30

    Alistair - May 12

    Apple - May 13

    Kitty - May 24

    Maddie - June 8

    Poppy/Holly - June 19

    Cedar - July 17

    Hopper - July 21

    Melody - July 31

    Briar - August 9

    Rosabella - September 4

    Blondie - September 9

    Farrah - September 27

    Ashlynn - October 15

    Cerise - October 31

    Faybelle - November 16

    Cupid - November 24 …

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  • Daffodillydoo

    If anyone has something to add, let me know.  Also, do you think it's possible that Edith Broomswood from Truth or Hair could be Mother Gothel in Holly's fairy tale?


    Ashlynn = Cinderella

    Farrah = Fairy Godmother

    Hunter = Prince (transformed with Farrah's magic)

    Prudence = Stepsister #1

    Charlotte = Stepsister #2

    Snow White

    Apple = Snow White

    Darling = Princess Charming

    Duchess = The Evil Queen (replaces Raven)

    Hunter = The Huntsman

    Beauty and the Beast

    Rosabella = Beauty

    Daring = Beast

    Alice in Wonderland

    Alistair = "Alice"

    Kitty = Cheshire Cat

    Maddie = The Mad Hatter

    Lizzie = The Queen of Hearts (but nicer)

    Bunny = The White Rabbit

    Chase = The Red Knight

    Darling = The White Knight


    Jillian as "Jack," Tiny as the giant

    Blondie as Goldilocks

    Holly as Ra…

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  • NathanNutcracker

    List of Characters

    September 15, 2017 by NathanNutcracker

    This is a list of Ever After High all characters, including also the ones who are only mentioned. If you noticed something wrong or want to add or comment, feel free to edit.

    • Snow White
    • White's King Charming
    • Apple White
    • Gala
    • Braebyrn
    • Snappy
    • Snoozy
    • Frank
    • Phil
    • Acchy
    • Cassandra
    • Zelda
    • Dumpy
    • Featherly
    • Harelow
    • Deerla
    • Evil Queen
    • Good King
    • Raven Queen
    • Cook
    • Butternut
    • Pie
    • Yop
    • Ooglot
    • Prince/Bubonic
    • Nevermore
    • Magic Mirror
    • Mira Shards
    • Jinx
    • Mr. Huntsman
    • Mrs. Huntsman
    • Ferny Huntsman
    • Hunter Huntsman
    • Pesky
    • Red Riding Hood
    • Big Badwolf
    • Cerise Hood
    • Ramona Badwolf
    • Carmine
    • Cranky Wolf
    • Cried Wolf
    • Horribus Wolf
    • Woodrow Wolf
    • Grandma Hood
    • Brother Hood
    • Robin Hood
    • Maid Marian
    • Sparrow Hood
    • Tucker
    • Merry Man
    • Cinderella
    • Ella's King Charming
    • Ashlynn Ella
    • Rocky
    • Sandella
    • Auntie Step
    • Wicked Stepmother
    • Prudence Step
    • Charlotte Step
    • Fair…

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  • NathanNutcracker

    Sadly I will not be active for a unknown time, just because my damn leptop just died. It'not a goodbye forever, is just a"see you after a unknown time". I'll contribute everytime I can.

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  • NathanNutcracker

    Goodbye wiki

    August 17, 2017 by NathanNutcracker
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  • Piper-Tiff

    Ever After High

    August 15, 2017 by Piper-Tiff

    Ever After High is a series of books written by Shannon Hale. They also have a tv channel. Ever After High is about the sons and daughters of fairytale characetrs.

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