• Rosalaun

    So thanks to Kataramov on tumblr, we have a slight explanation for why Monster High and Ever After High were not very present at all at SDCC as well as why there was no exclusive doll.

    To summarize, Kataramov spoke to the current lead designer of Monster High, Becca Shipman. Shipman had stated that Mattel had decided to focus more on their licensed brands such as DC Superhero Girls and WWE.

    Monster High had in fact been preparing for SDCC a year in advanced before the corporate decided to focus on their licensed brands. Because of the planning they already had done they are releasing images of new products on their social media instead.

    As for the Cleo and Ghoulia two pack, Becca Shipman had designed the set of dolls which were originally sla…

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  • NathanNutcracker

    This Coral Witch's fanart is just amazing. The design is totally based in the books, and more the traces are base in The Class of Classics comics. The Sea Witch is just like the book. The fairest artist of all 'Mad-Kuki ' from Tumblr.  He also made other incredible arts like Faybelle and Dark Fairy.

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  • NathanNutcracker

    Coral Witch

    July 17, 2017 by NathanNutcracker

    According to The storybook of Legends Coral Witch is so young to attend Ever After High. This was in the first book series. Now, in Fairy Tail Ending she has returned, and as revealed she posseses a red tail. It will be possible for her to become an official character? The becoming of Meeshell is a strong evidence that yes.

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  • Feather queen

    EAH is ending?!

    June 5, 2017 by Feather queen
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  • Batrisya or Marky

    Toke an Ever After High Royal or Rebel quiz at the official website.This is my result of the quiz . It's says that I'm a rebel at heart. To me, I'm going to be on the Rebel team.

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  • MichealFabio

    So after finishing “The Secret Diary of Raven Queen,” I figured the time was right.

    So I am here sitting reading the “not really a diary but we are calling it a diary” of “The Secret Diary of Raven Queen,” that came out this week, when I took notice of somethings.

    In the story, in one single sentence, they mention Ramona once and then wrote her out of the story, not even inthe main story mind you, but one of the exert pages of Raven’s diary. Then they proceed to ignore the very fact going onward. Weird, but okay.

    They go on to proceed as Raven makes a comparison of Cerise to her parents that she is just like both of them in one being. “What does that make Ramona?” I can hear a voice ask, “Ramona who?” another answered.

    Then the weirdest part i…

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  • LiamWell

    EAH really cancelled?

    April 23, 2017 by LiamWell
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  • Rosalaun

    Since there seems to be some confusion I wanted to clear up any confusion and say hands down that this "special" is a fake. And how do I know this?

    It mentions a character named Feather Corwin.

    2 seconds of googling confirms that that character is someone's OC.

    This part goes for any supposed "new" information. Google the character's names first. If someone's OC shows up, the special is 100% fake.

    Not only that but Mattel usually requests trademarks for characters about a year in advanced to making a new special.

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  • Fido555

    Fableous News!

    February 16, 2017 by Fido555

    I have written to Mattel and they have assured me that Ever After High will NOT be canceled! And they promised to take action against Disney Descendants! And if it does get canceled, I have a plan for that, too! So everybody CALM DOWN!

    I've decided that I'll settle for the director apologizing. I'm writing to him. After I get over my writer's block.

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  • Sing Like the stars

    Today is the offical Birthday of Dexter and Darling check out these cute pictures! 🎂

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