Betty Bunyan is the daughter of Paul Bunyan, from the folktale Paul Bunyan. She appears in A Semi-Charming Kind of Life. Betty is a blacksmith at the Village of Book End. She calls herself "Smithy", which is an abbreviation for blacksmith.



Betty is observant and walks her own ways. She is strongwilled and willful to help others to walk their path too, like pushing Darling to follow her heart and not her destiny. She likes to listen to music while working.


Betty is at least seven feet tall, and her hair is pulled into several, pitch black braids. She has flame tattoos on her arms, and a diamond piercing on her left nostril.



Betty is the daughter of Paul Bunyan, and she has an older brother who is named Paul Bunyan Jr.


It is unknown who Betty's friends are, but she seems to like the company of Darling Charming, Dexter Charming, and possibly, Daring Charming.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Paul Bunyan


Ever After High (II)

Dexter and Darling visit the Village of Book End. They find a blacksmith's shop and enter it. There they meet the blacksmith, or "smithy" called Betty Bunyan, daughter of Paul Bunyan. Betty immediately recognizes the Charmings and tells Dexter about how Daring's armor is quite flawless whenever he brings it in. Unbeknownst to Betty, Dexter is quite hurt by the comparison. Daring gives him words of support and explains to Betty about their helmet issue. Betty notes that if Dexter needs it by the weekend she is unable to do it on time, but Darling asks if she would make the helmet if Daring requested it made. Betty takes that fact into consideration and will try her best to make the helmet.

Later, Darling is expecting Dexter's jousting armor and helmet to be done, so she calls Betty for a delivery to Dexter's room as a nice surprise. However, Betty does not answer the phone and Darling decides on checking in on her herself in Book End. After causing a few accidents and collisions by her presence in Book End, Darling makes her way to the shop and finds that Betty has left to visit her father who has a bunion removal at the hospital and will be back in a few weeks, and Parents Weekend would be far from over. Considering that the armor would be hard to carry out in the open, Darling fits all the pieces together and steps out with the helmet on. Darling wears Dexter's armor out as it is easier to carry that way prior to leaving Betty a note. Later, while the students congratulate Daring for winning and Dexter for coming second place. Betty drives in and sees that she missed her chance of fixing Dexter's helmet and would like to make it up to Dexter. A Semi-Charming Kind of Life

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