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Humphrey is walking the halls carrying dozens of eggs.
Humphrey Dumpty: Oh yeah, this is gonna be the best omelette ever―[He trips on the stairs.] oof! Ugh! [He falls down-pat on the ground.] Awh-ha-ha-ha...
Apple White: [Apple enters.] You look like you could use some help, Humphrey. [Singing.] Ah-ha-ah-ha-ah.
Boys immediately come to Apple's aid and they repair Humphrey and his eggs.
Humphrey Dumpty: [Sitting upright.] Wow! Thanks for getting me and my eggs back together again!
Apple White: Of course. It's important to pay it forward. Now, it's your turn to do something nice for someone else. [She leaves.]

Humphrey is walking in the forest and hears a sobbing noise coming from behind a bush. It's Duchess dancing sorrowfully.
Duchess Swan: [Sobbing.]
Humphrey Dumpty: Duchess, are you okay?
Duchess Swan: No, [Sniffling.] I'm not okay. Professor Piper is making us perform our destinies in Muse-ic class.
Humphrey Dumpty: Why is that a problem? You're obviously very musical.
Duchess Swan: But my singing voice is a royal fairy-fail! [Shaking Humphrey as she sobs.]
Humphrey Dumpty: It can't be that bad.
Duchess Swan: [Singing.] La-la-la-la-la-la-lahhh!
Humphrey Dumpty: Wow, um, that's some high note.
Duchess Swan: I know! And now I'm certain to fail Muse-ic class, which will close the book on my fairy point average! [She jumps on the spot.]
Humphrey Dumpty: Maybe I can help. [Takes out MirrorPhone to record Duchess.]
Duchess Swan: [Theatrical sobbing.]

Pied Piper: Now, who'd like to go first? Duchess?
Duchess Swan: I'm sorry Professor, but you can just go ahead and fairy-fail me for this project; I can't sing my story...
Students: Oh, no. [Muttering.]
Humphrey Dumpty: [Steps in.] But that's because...she danced it! [He switches on the TV.]
Duchess Swan: [She gasps as she sees herself dancing.]
Students: Ooh, wow...[Gasping.] Yay! [Cheering.] Wonderful!
Pied Piper: That was exquisite! A plus. [He gives her a thumb's up.]
Duchess Swan: Oh, but, I-I didn't sing!
Pied Piper: Who said you had to sing your story? I just said you had to tell it through Muse-ic!
Duchess Swan: Oh Humphrey, how can I repay you?
Humphrey Dumpty: By paying it forward, of course.

A goat appears behind Duchess.

Kid: [Bleating.] do a good deed for a goat?
Duchess turns to Humphrey and he nods. She gives the goat her flowers.

[He chomps at the flowers and bleats.]

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