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Belle Beauty is the heroine from her generation's Beauty and the Beast. She is also the sister of Sleeping Beauty. Her husband is the Beast from the same tale, and together they are the parents of Rosabella Beauty. She is also Briar Beauty's aunt. She lives at Beauty and the Beast Castle. She appears as a statue in Epic Winter.



She is mentioned to be a kind woman with a hospitable nature, always letting uninvited people in the castle, as that is how she met her husband. In "A Semi-Charming Kind of Life" she's described to be a progressive mother who always supported Rosabella's beliefs.


She only appears as a statue, so her appearance is not quite known. However, it can be seen that she, like most former princesses, possesses great beauty and has short hair. Her clothing there is a simple, long, sleeveless dress that reaches all the way to the ground.

She most likely resembles her sister, Sleeping Beauty.

Fairy tale

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As mentioned before, she is Sleeping Beauty's sister and therefore the aunt of Briar, Loyalty, Tenacity, Courage, Gallantry and Honor Beauty, plus Briar's unnamed triplet brothers. She is also the sister-in-law to Sleeping Beauty's prince-now-king.

Her husband is the Beast, and they are the parents of Rosabella Beauty.


Beauty appears in the second episode of Epic Winter as a statue, along with her husband.


  • In the original tale Beauty is not born royal, but in Ever After High she is, since she and her sister Sleeping Beauty (character) are born princesses.
  • It is unknown if Beauty is her first name or full name. With Briar and Rosabella it appears as a surname, but then her sister's first name would be "Sleeping".
  • Her first name might be Belle, since that is the name that's given to her in some versions. For example: in Dutch it is called "Belle en het Beest"(Belle and the Beast). Disney has also named her Belle in their 1990 movie; Beauty and the Beast. However, none of this has been supported within the franchise.