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The Beast is the main character of the tale "The Beauty and The Beast along with Beauty, who is his wife. He is also the father of Rosabella Beauty. He was once a Beast but the love of Beauty saved him from his curse. He lives at Beauty and the Beast Castle.



He is the literal representation that appearance has no influence on personality. He is mentioned to be a kind man with a hospitable nature, always letting uninvited people in the castle, as that is how he met his wife.


He only appears as a statue, so his appearance is not quite known. However, it can be seen that he was once a beast who wears royal clothes and a crown. But now, thanks to Beauty, he is a handsome prince.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Beauty and the Beast



He is Rosabella Beauty's father, and Beauty's husband. He is also Sleeping Beauty's brother-in-law, Loyalty Beauty, Tenacity Beauty ,Courage Beauty, Gallantry Beauty, Honor Beauty and Briar Beauty's uncle.

The Beast and Briar's father don't get along very well, though. Since Briar's father is a hero, he can't still get over the fact that Rosabella's father was a beast in the past.


He appears in the second episode of Epic Winter as a statue, along with his wife.

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