An Hexclusive Invitation - Beanstalk Bakery counter

Beanstalk Bakery is a local bakery found in the Village of Book End. The shop itself consists of a barista and a coffee machine hole-plugger.


The entire bakery is outdoors with a giant beanstalk as the base. There is a storefront with a large blackboard in the front filled with chalk-written specials on the menu. There is a small check-in counter at the storefront as well, complete with a small cupcake stand to the right side of it. Deeper in the bakery, there is an ordering counter with posters and special foods on a blackboard pinned up on the beanstalk. The entire area is surrounded with chairs and tables.


Faybelle Thorn infiltrates the bakery by acting as a new worker, getting access to the information that she was hoping for: Ashlynn Ella receiving an invitation with an extra to the Blue Moon Forest Fest. As it is quite hyped around the bakery, even the son of the Hero of Haarlem joins, accidentally unplugging the coffee machine, flooding the store. An Hexclusive Invitation Per Madeline's advice, Raven and Blondie meet up at Beanstalk Bakery not only for a chat, but for Blondie's cupcake-related MirrorCast held at that same bakery later on. Although Raven wants dating advice, Blondie is distracted by other people, asking them for cupcakes. As soon as Raven snaps and releases her magic, Blondie's dress magically transforms into something cupcake-themed, befitting her show's theme which she is thankful for. Just Sweet


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