Hungry from their journey into the Dark Forest, the girls stop at a gingerbread house, Miss Muffet’s Frozen Yogurt Bar and the home of the three bears in search of a spellbinding snack.


Still lost in the Dark Forest, the four girls are extremely lost, late and hungry. Using her food-finding expertise, Blondie Lockes proposes on finding a pleasant spot to have a snack. Their first choice is a gingerbread house, however once the girls enter via Blondie's hair pin, they discover that greedy Crumb cousins Gus and Helga have beat them to the sweets. The two of them urge the girls to find their own food and kick them out of the gingerbread house, which the four of them leave with disgusted looks on their faces.

The next location is Miss Muffet's frozen yogurt stand, where the girls all get scared away by a spider when he tries to tell them about the bar's free "web access". Lastly, the four visit the Three Bears' abode. From inside the house, the Three Bears are all startled by Blondie's presence and turn off all the lights, pretending to be away from home. Using her hair pin again, Blondie picks at the lock and forcefully enters the house, finding the bears sprawled across the floor. The three of them awkwardly and reluctantly welcome the girls to their home. Sensing their uncomfortableness, Ashlynn proposes that they leave, which Cupid and Poppy second, but Blondie pushes them all back in, requesting the bears to make them porridge. The Baby Bear throws a fit about how Blondie's basically invaded their household and broken his furniture. He shouts at the four of them, commanding them to leave.

Faybelle is watching all of this in secret, snickering.


  1. Blondie Lockes
  2. Poppy O'Hair
  3. C.A. Cupid
  4. Ashlynn Ella
  5. Gus Crumb
  6. Helga Crumb
  7. Faybelle Thorn
  8. Miss Muffet
  9. Mr. Spider
  10. Poppa Bear
  11. Momma Bear
  12. Baby Bear



  • This webisode aired on a Friday, continuing the events from the last webisode.
  • The title of this webisode is a pun on the phrase "breaking and entering".