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As the Ever After High franchise is still growing, there are only a number of a few backgrounder-to-character developments.

Few, like Lilly-Bo Peep, have developed names after their initial cartoon debut. Some of the backgrounders have had a select number of speaking roles and an assumable fairytale, like the son of the Hero of Haarlem, but have no name confirmed. Other characters, like Rosabella Beauty, have had their name trademarked and appeared in different types of fiction (i.e. the prose and writing) to have their identity confirmed, but appear in the cartoon as mostly cameo characters.

Former backgrounders

Lilly-Bo Peep

Raven's Tale - daughter of LBP
Lilly-Bo Peep had her name filed for trademark in Early February 2014 - months after her debut in "The World of Ever After High" which was released on May 30, 2013. More details on her alliance in the Royal/Rebel conflict were revealed in small segments of future doll descriptions on Amazon.

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