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As Chapter 3 is still airing and is relatively new, there haven't been much Chapter 3 backgrounders of worthy note as of yet. However, a highlighted backgrounder from Chapter 3 was the "Girl with a high ponytail", who made her debut in "Spring Unsprung". Her backgrounder design shows that the franchise has developed much more detail in creating the backgrounders, and have even given her a speaking role.


Girl with a high ponytail

Spring Unsprung - girl with a high ponytail

She has a thick and curly high ponytail clipped up with a gold clip. She has a black, short furry blouse over her fishnetted top. She wears a plain white skirt and pale mint stockings with stripes, as well as black platforms. She accessorizes with a feather bracelet and several gold bangles, with crystallized earrings and a headpiece. She also has a speaking part, in 'Spring Unsprung' and 'Dragon Games'. She is based on Lee Ann Dufour, the Harmony character designer supervisor.[1]


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