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The Chapter 2 backgrounders have shown to comprise of a bolder and more detailed design than the backgrounders from Chapter 1. Some in Chapter 2 have replaced a select few in Chapter 1 and have been appearing in the webisodes more in the stead of those introduced in Chapter 1. Although the females and males stay with the same body build, there have been an increasing number of new creatures and ranging hair concepts and vast differences in clothing style between the backgrounders over the course of Chapter 2.



Class Confusion - bob of evil

She has chin-length hair that is black and gray, and has white streaks. She has blue-purple eye shadow and blush with a beauty mark and dark lips. She wears a black turtleneck and a gray coat over it, and her coat has gray buttons on it.


Class Confusion - buns of evil

She has pale skin and her hair in two buns on each side of her head which are gray and streaked with white with leftover hair at the back of her head. She has a sleeveless dress that has two gray clothing drapes on each side. Additionally, she wears gray leggings and black closed-toed wedges. She was designed by Gyimah Gariba.[1]


True Hearts Day Part 3 - skateboard and white

She has pale skin, styled straight hair, and pale red lips. She wears a small blue crown that has three spike studs on it, and she wears white puff sleeves, with translucent white sleeves, and wears a silver necklace. Her dress is completely white, and she has a red belt with matching black wedges. Additionally, she has a red and white striped handbag, and white stockings.

Snow girl


She has tan skin, white and silver hair, and purple eyes. She wears a white dress with snow flake jewelry.She was designed by Alina Urusov.[2]

Long haired girl

Thronecoming - long haired girl

She has toned olive skin and flowing dark hair with a side fringe on the right. She wears a brown shirt. She is based on Emmy Choi, a character designer at Guru Studio.[3]

Girl in sunset colors

Indian Backgrounder

She has dark hair swept to the side, several jewels and an outfit which consists of orange, yellow and red.

Girl with pixie cut

Throncoming -Girl with pixie cut

She wears a short-sleeved yellow trench coat with a red belt and a striped blue and white pencil dress with jeans. She also wears silver earrings and has a dirty-blonde pixie cut. She is based on a Katarina Antonic, a character/prop designer at Guru Studio.[4]

Dark droopy hair girl

Thronecoming - dark droopy hair girl

Her hair is short and falls behind her shoulders. She wears a periwinkle cardigan on top of a green shirt. As a belt, she ties a ribbon around her waist. Her skirt is an A skirt that is glittery and translucent. She wears mint blue stockings and aloe green heels.

Gothic red girl

Thronecoming - gothic red girl

She has a short portion of her black-streaked white hair on top of her head. She has a red droopy fringe and she wears a red shirt, brown gloves and a maroon skirt over her frilly white one. She wears long brown boots.

Girl in green attire

Thronecoming - Short hair and green attire

She has shoulder length almond hair and a few lime green streaks. She wears a small feathered hat on top of her green headband and a green-beige one-piece dress.

Girl with swept hair

Thronecoming - girl with swept hair

She has side-swept hair, dirty-yellow clothes and teal accessories and jewels.

Girl in green wavy dress

Throncoming - girl in green wavy dress

She wears a white-sleeved green dress, with the bottom hem of it frilly. She wears lemon-yellow shoes. She is based on a Guru Studio employee.[3]



Kitty's Curious Tale - glasses blond

He has layered ginger-blond hair, pale olive skin, red glasses and a cap. He wears a short-sleeved collar jacket and navy blue sneakers.

Scavenger boy

Kitty's Curious Tale - scavenger boy

He has light brown hair and pale skin. He wears a scavenger hunting hat and a green formal jacket. He also has brown pants and black shoes.

Boy with flowers

Thronecoming - boy with flowers

He wears red glasses and dark almond hair styled in a ski jump. He wears gray khaki pants, an elbow-length gray shirt, and an orange vest.

White beanie boy

Thronecoming - white beanie boy

He has his hair tucked inside his dirty-white beanie. He wears a brown muffler and red shirt underneath his gray and black jacket. He wears gray pants and brown hiking boots. He is designed after the twin brother of art director W. Scott Forbes.[5]

Boy with left-parted hair

Just Sweet - left-parted hair boy

He has ginger hair swept to the left side of his head, tan skin, and brown eyes. He wears a blue jacket over his light colored hoodie. He wears a black shirt and blue pants.


Troll boy

Class Confusion - troll boy

Orc boy

Class Confusion - orc boy

He is the bartender during the True Hearts Day Dance in "True Hearts Day Part 3".

Bear boy

Class Confusion - bear of evil

Headphones boy

Just Sweet - green beast guy


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