Baby Bear

Baby Bear is a character from Ever After High, from the Goldilocks fairy tale. He doesn't like Blondie Lockes because she invades his house.



He appears to be a stressed and explosive bear cub.


He is a tall cub, who wear a blue shirt, a brown tank top, shorts and a belt over the shirt.


According to Rosabella and the Three Bears, Baby Bear is a talented artist. He loves to paint. He also appears to be constantly thinking about food.



He is the son of Momma Bear and Poppa Bear.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Goldilockes and the Three Bears


Blondie and her friends visit the Three Bears' abode. From inside the house, the Three Bears are all startled by Blondie's presence and turn off all the lights, pretending to be away from home. Using her hair pin again, Blondie picks at the lock and forcefully enters the house, finding the bears sprawled across the floor. The three of them awkwardly and reluctantly welcome the girls to their home. Sensing their uncomfortableness, Ashlynn proposes that they leave, which Cupid and Poppy second, but Blondie pushes them all back in, requesting the bears to make them porridge. The child bear throws a fit about how Blondie's basically invaded their household and broken his furniture. He shouts at the four of them, commanding them to leave. Baking and Entering He and his parents reappeared in Cerise's flashback, where she was exploring the Dark Forest and found the three bears complaining about Blondie. Driving Me Cuckoo


Rosabella and The Three Bears - Once Upon a Twist

Things have gone topsy-turvy at Ever After High! After Faybelle Thorn casts a spell on the midterm hexams, the students find themselves unhexpectedly inside the wrong storybooks! When Rosabella Beauty and Cedar Wood find themselves in Goldilocks and the Three Bears instead of their own fairytale storybooks, they realize the trouble has only just started. Someone has been blowing down houses-and the whole forest is starting to panic. Now it's up to Rosabella, Cedar, and the Three Bears to solve the mystery and get this storybook back on script! Rosabella and The Three Bears

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