Azure is a book-only character, who makes her book debut in The Unfairest of Them All . She is the young daughter of Little Boy Blue, from the nursery rhyme with same name. She is too young to attend Ever After High, but she has already made friends with Cedar Wood, Raven Queen and Nevermore.



She's probably no older than two. She only can say "woofie", giggling. She is obsessed with dragons, so when she met Nevermore she was super hexcited.


She is a kid, being short compared to other students. It's safe to say she wears blue clothes.



She's the daughter of the Little Boy Blue.


Cedar Wood is her babysitter. She appears to be friends with Nevermore because she's a dragon and Raven Queen since Nevermore is her pet.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Little Boy Blue


Ever After High (I)

Cedar Wood runs across Raven in a playground while she's babysitting Azure, who is playing with Nevermore, Raven Queen's pet dragon. The Unfairest of Them All

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