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The students are in the castleteria, preparing for Ashlynn's fashion show in secret. They are excited about it but they have to be careful as Headmaster Grimm is not supposed to know about the show. He walks by the entrace of the castleteria.
Ashlynn Ella: Shh! [Holds a finger up. Everyone is abuzz and Ashlynn signals Apple, who reciprocates the signal as she readies the students for the fashion show.]
Briar Beauty: [Walks on the newly made catwalk.] I can't wait to strut the catwalk in one of your spelltacular dresses, Ashlynn!
Ashlynn Ella: [Picks up the dresses.] Well, we better hurry up - you guys know my story, things kinda unravel when the clock strikes twelve! [Points at her MirrorPad, which shows it is 11:45AM.]
Apple White: I thought it was midnight.
Ashlynn Ella: I'm more of a morning princess.

Evil stepsister #1: [(From the enterance to the backstage.)] Hi, Ashlynn!
Apple, Blondie and Briar: [All gasp in horror.]
The stepsisters join Ashlynn and Briar, much to their dismay.
Ashlynn Ella: My stepsisters...hi, guys.
Evil stepsister #2: Well, well! First a secret boyfriend...
Evil stepsister #2: ...And now a secret fashion show? Not very Royal!
Ashlynn Ella: [Tries to be nice.] You guys are welcome to stay and watch.
Evil stepsister #1: [Takes all the dresses.] We're not here to watch! [Walks away.]
Evil stepsister #2: We're here to model! I mean, you didn't think you and your friends were up to it, did you? [Points at Ashlynn and her friends.]
Apple White: We have planned this event for weeks! We can't just let them take over.
Ashlynn Ella: My destiny says I have to wait on them. What can I do?

The show has started and the stepisters are both showing off Ashlynn's dresses.
Cedar Wood: [Looks at the dress with awe.] I cannot tell a lie, those dresses are spellbinding!
Evil stepsister #1: Thanks, we made them ourselves! [Makes a pose and points at herself with her hand.]
Evil stepsister #2: This whole thing was our idea!
Briar Beauty: [Is spying on the stepsisters behind the curtain.] That's it. We have to put a stop to this!
Apple White: Your destiny says we have to wait on them, right? [Shows Ashlynn's MirrorPad, which says that it is exactly one minute before noon.]
Ashlynn Ella: Yeah... [Gasp.] Oh, I get it! Maybe we all wait to see what happens to them when the clock strikes noon!
Apple White: [Nods and winks.]

Students: The clock then strikes twelve, and the stepsisters' dresses turn into rags.

Oh! [Laughing.]

The stepsisters accidentally fall into the food, causing the students to laugh even more.
Evil stepsister #2 It's not funny! Waah!
Students: [Laughter, followed by gasps.]
Milton Grimm: [Arrives in the castleteria.] What's going on here? Who's responsible for this?
Ashlynn Ella: They said it was all their idea. [Points at the two stepsisters.]

For their punishment, the two stepsisters have to clean up the mess they made. Ashlynn, Blondie, Briar and Apple all watch, happy that the two got what they deserved.
Evil stepsister #2: [Squeezes water out of her sponge.] I bet you think you're pretty clever, Ashlynn!
Evil stepsister #1: [Cleans the floor and glares at Ashlynn and her friends.]
Ashlynn Ella: If the shoe fits!
Apple, Ashlynn, Blondie and Briar: [Giggling.]

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