Ashlynn Ella’s evil stepsisters try to steal the spotlight at her spelltacular fashion show, but when the clock strikes 12, they find out what it’s like in their stepsister’s shoes.


Ashlynn sets up a fashion show in the Castleteria as soon as the headmaster’s out of sight, but she does this swiftly before noon, which is the time when her fashion items turn to rags. Backstage, she and her friends set up and pick which clothing they’d like to wear, however Ashlynn's two stepsisters show up, saying they wouldn’t miss it, as they swipe off every piece of clothing from the girls and prep for the fashion show themselves.

The stepsisters wow the crowd with flashy dresses and claim it was all their idea. Ashlynn is desperate for a solution to this and Apple reminds them that it is one minute to noon. As the clock hits twelve, Ashlynn's designed clothes transform into rags and the stepsisters are humiliated in front of everyone by tripping offstage. However, the commotion and laughter sets the headmaster to investigate and he finds the stepsisters in the center of everything. As punishment, they clean up the mess they’d made.


  1. Hunter Huntsman
  2. Briar Beauty
  3. Lizzie Hearts
  4. Kitty Cheshire
  5. Blondie Lockes
  6. Apple White
  7. Hopper Croakington II
  8. Ashlynn Ella
  9. Milton Grimm
  10. C.A. Cupid
  11. Dexter Charming
  12. Raven Queen
  13. Evil stepsisters
  14. Sparrow Hood
  15. Cedar Wood
  16. Cerise Hood
  17. Helga Crumb
  18. Gus Crumb
  19. Daring Charming
  20. Humphrey Dumpty
  21. Hagatha



  • This is the first time it is brought up that Ashlynn goes by the afternoon rather than midnight as transforming into her riches-to-rags form when being late. A problem similar to this is brought up again in "Wish List", where Farrah Goodfairy has an inability to control how her wishes go at noon, rather than at midnight. This, however, is different from the book "Fairy's Got Talent" where she does go by midnight.
  • This shows Ashlynn's love for fashion. Lizzie's was shown in "Spring Unsprung".


  • If the students have been planning the fashion show for a long period of time, why didn't they ask for the headmaster's permission instead of doing so in secret?
  • The thumbnail of this webisode on YouTube is from Thronecoming.