Apple White is packing for a new year at Ever After High. She is aided by servants, dwarfs, and woodland creatures, who manage to make the whole process run smoothly enough that Apple can spend time on the social aspect of leaving. She and Briar text a little, after which Apple goes to the balcony to receive support from her faithful subjects in regards to Legacy Day as well as leave them a few kind words to remember her by for the school year to come.

Soon enough, Apple finds herself in the courtyard saying goodbye to her parents, the dwarfs, and the staff. Everyone wishes her well, reminding her of the importance of Legacy Day, and Apple happily takes the encouragement, thinking that everyone must have noticed how hard she's already worked for her destiny. However, her departure ends on a sour note when she overhears some of the staff tying her destiny to nothing deeper than her beauty. She vows she'll prove she is worth more than just her appearance.


  1. Apple White
  2. Briar Beauty
  3. Snoozy
  4. Snappy
  5. Frank
  6. Phil
  7. Snow White
  8. Snow White's husband



  • One Reflection is Ever After High's version of One Direction. Their song, "You Don't Know You're Charming", is a play on a key line of the One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful" as well as a parody of "What Makes You Beautiful".