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It is morning time in the Village of Book End. Apple is sitting on a bench reading a book.
Apple White: [Sigh.] Another royally enchanting day! But what should I have for breakfast?
Male students: [Gasp happily.]
Apple White: [Is offered several apples.] Now that's the fairest breakfast of all!
Raven and Maddie are staring from afar.
Madeline Hatter: Look at Apple's easy life.
Raven Queen: Everyone doing things for her all day. Must be nice.
Apple White: [She picks up her apples from all the guys and departs.] Time for another typical Apple day! [Skips away.]
Mother duck: [Quacking as they cross the road.]
Apple White: [She chuckles at their adorableness.]
Horse: [Whinnying as it is speeding towards the ducks.]
Ducks: [Quacking in panic and stop dead in their tracks.]
Apple White: [She stands in front of the ducks and holds out a firm hand. The horse stops and Apple strokes it.] There ya go, little one! All safe. [Determined.] Now, to make sure this happily never happens again.

In the Royal Student Council room, Apple holds out a presentation on duck crossing.
Students: Yay! Whoo! [Cheering.]

Mother duck: [Happy quacking as she and her ducklings cross the road. Apple is watching them contently.]

In Hocus Latte, Sparrow and Hunter grab a coffee cup at the same time.
Sparrow and Hunter: [Grunting as both of them try snatching it.]
Hunter Huntsman: [Tugs on it.] Hey, I think this is mine, I ordered the triple foam caramel hocus latte.
Sparrow Hood: [Singing as he tugs on it.] Well, so did Spar-row! [Hunter shoves his face.] Oof!
Hunter Huntsman: It's mine! [Hunter's face is shoved by Sparrow back.] It's mine!
Apple walks in and is shocked.
Apple White: Hey, boys! [She flashes them a smile.]
Sparrow and Hunter: [Dreamy sighs.]
Hunter Huntsman: You know, you take it. [Politely offers it to Sparrow.] It's yours.
Sparrow Hood: No, no, no. [Pushes it back to Hunter.] I insist.
Apple White: [Claps her hands together.] My work here is done! [Leaves happily.]

"Jack": [(From inside a well.)] Ahh! [He tosses a bucket out as a form of help.] A little help over here?
Apple White: [She pokes her head in the well.] Did somebody fall down while trying to fetch a pail of water?
"Jack": I think I broke my crown!
Apple White: Just a sec! [She reaches and grabs ropes and lowers them down to "Jack".]

Medic: "Jack" and "Jill" are safely outside the well.

[Examines the children with a flashlight.] Nice work on the bandages, Apple!

Apple White: [She holds out her purse full of medical items.] A Royal is always prepared! [Giggling.]

It's night time and Apple returns to her dorm.
Raven Queen: Hey, Apple! How was your day?
Apple White: Oh, you know...
Raven Queen: Lemme guess, fairest day of them all.
Apple White: It was pretty hexcellent...
Raven Queen: Well, I'm gonna crash. [Stretches.] Spell ya tomorrow!
Apple White: Good night, roomie. [Waves. She steps outside and starts singing.] La-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa! [Her phone gets a notification.] Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, and they're eating up all the shoes in the Glass Slipper? On my way! [She ziplines out the balcony.]

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