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Male narrator: Another morning at Ever After High, as the students are getting fairest for another typical day.
Female narrator: Typical? There's nothing typical about this day!
Madeline Hatter: [Giggling as Earl Grey helps apply powder.]
Apple White: [Poofing her curls.] Is there anything more perfectly charming than my birthday?
Raven Queen: [Flatly.] birthday? [She walks over to Apple.]
Apple White: You're such a kidder! I mean, does the entire school spellebrate your birthday with a Royal cake-baking contest?
Raven Queen: [Teasingly.] It's not just the Royals in the baking contest this year! I'm gonna make you [She points to Apple.] the most hexcellent apple crumb cake.
Apple White: [Giggling.] You mean poison apple crumb cake. You wouldn't be the daughter of the Evil Queen if you didn't try to poison me.
Raven Queen: Don't you remember Legacy Day? I'm writing my own destiny now, and my cake is just gonna have sugar, and cinnamon and a little bit of love. [She disappears.]
Apple is slightly confused.

Apple consults her friends, Briar and Ashlynn.
Apple White: Can you believe it? Raven isn't going to try to poison me. Ugh, I need an herbal potion soak. [She walks away.]
Briar Beauty: I wish there was something we could do.
Ashlynn Ella: Yeah, but, [She puts her hand on Briar's shoulder.] it's not like you can make Raven poison her.
Briar Beauty: [She gasps and perks up.] Great idea, Ash! [Rubs her hands together.] I'll pour a little creature concoction into Raven's cake, and Apple will think Raven tried to poison her. [She takes Ashlynn by the hand.]
Ashlynn Ella: We could just get her some cute shoes or something!
Briar leads Ashlynn away.

Where the baking contest is held, Apple scans the row of cakes.
Apple White: Oh, Daring. A cake with a picture of you on it? [Giggling.] How charming!
Daring Charming: [Clicking.]
Apple White: [Solemnly.] And now we have Raven's cake.
Raven Queen: Taste it! [She happily offers a slice.]
Blondie Lockes: [Apple gasps as Blondie stops her.] Um, Apple, have you forgotten? I'm your official taster! I have to make sure these cakes are just right. [Takes a first bite and starts chewing.]
Briar Beauty: [Gasp.]
Blondie Lockes: Oh, wow! It's so moist! [Squawking.] And tender! [She squawks again and begins to turn into a phoenix.]
Apple White: [Surprised.] What?
Raven Queen: Apple, I swear—
Apple White: [She gives Raven a tight hug.] You did try to poison me!
Briar Beauty: Hey! I-I'm the one who—eh, I mean, yes! Way to go, Raven, you bad, evil girl. [Nervous giggling.]
Raven Queen: [Angrily.] Briar... [She puts her hands on her hips.]
Briar Beauty: Um, I...gotta fly! [Shoves the rest of the cake in her mouth, but she turns into a tortoise.] Aw, why can't I be a phoenix too? [Laughs.] Oh, well. See ya! Gotta go! Yup, uh, here I go! Can't answer any questions! Nope! Huh, I am outta here.
Blondie continues squawking in the background.

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