Apple White is upset when Raven Queen wants to bake her a birthday cake that is NOT poisoned, so Briar Beauty steps up to make sure her BFFA has the best birthday ever after.


The student body is preparing for Apple White's birthday, which is celebrated with a royal birthday cake baking contest. Apple is excited until Raven informs her that she'll participate with an apple crumb cake that isn't the slightest bit poisoned. Apple goes to Briar and Ashlynn for a shoulder to cry on, then decides a warm bath will do her good. Once Apple is gone, Briar ponders over a way to help her and eventually hatches an idea. She will mix a little bit of creature concoction into the cake Raven will bake, so that Apple will think that Raven tried to poison her.

At the baking contest, the students put their cakes on the table. All of them, including Raven's, are beautiful. Raven offers Apple a slice, but Blondie takes it from her because she is Apple's official taster. Briar had not anticipated this, but cannot stop Blondie from taking a bite. Within seconds, Blondie turns into a phoenix, shocking everyone but Apple, who is overjoyed that Raven tried to poison her and hugs her.

Caught up in the moment, Briar inadvertently spills that she was actually the one who poisoned the cake. Realizing her mistake a moment later, Briar quickly takes a bite off the cake to turn into a phoenix herself and fly out of the situation. Instead, she turns into a tortoise. Still eager to escape a confrontation, she starts walking as she is, ceaselessly babbling about how she really can't stay.


  1. Male narrator
  2. Blondie Lockes
  3. Ashlynn Ella
  4. Briar Beauty
  5. Female narrator
  6. Madeline Hatter
  7. Earl Grey
  8. Apple White
  9. Raven Queen
  10. Cedar Wood
  11. Daring Charming
  12. Dexter Charming
  13. Duchess Swan
  14. Hunter Huntsman
  15. Hopper Croakington II
  16. Gingerbreadman
  17. Lilly-Bo Peep
  18. Son of the Hero of Haarlem
  19. Cerise Hood
  20. Lizzie Hearts
  21. Kitty Cheshire



  • When Apple's walking past the table with birthday cakes, there are five of them. But when Briar makes her escape, Cedar's cake is missing.