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Melody is the announcer of the Thronecoming Queen.
Melody Piper: Okay, Ever After High! It's almost time for the announcement of Thronecoming Queen! [Holds out an envelope.] And I have the wi― [The microphone is snatched out of her hand.]
Daring Charming: Melody, look. I'm really happy for you; and I'm going to let you finish, [Takes off shades.] but when I was a young Charming I knew [Throws shades away.] I was destined for royalty!―[The microphone is snatched back by Melody.]
Crowd: Yeah!

Dexter and Humphrey are backstage.
Dexter Charming: [To Humphrey.] Let's get some backstage interviews for the Thronecoming app. [He draws back a curtain.] Raven! [He holds a MirrorPad to her face.] What would life be like if you were Thronecoming Queen?
Raven Queen: I'd encourage people to break out of their spell; write their own destiny!
In Raven's dream, Cerise is chasing after wolves in the halls.
Cerise Hood: [Howling.]
Raven waves to Ashlynn and Hunter and Ashlynn is given flowers.
Ashlynn Ella: Ah-ha-ha!
Raven happily walks over and finds the Headmaster. She gasps.
Milton Grimm: Ms. Queen, if you―
Raven uses her magic and ties a cloth around his mouth.
Students: [Loud cheering.]

Apple White: If I was Thronecoming Queen, I'd continue the Royal tradition of always helping others.
In Apple's dream.

[She helps an elderly citizen cross the road and walks up to Briar.] All done!

Briar Beauty: I think you got a few more people that need your help. [Calling.] Number 98!
Male student: [Waves his hand.] Ah, that's me!
Apple smiles in delight.

Blondie Lockes: I'd start by making sure the castleteria food was the best ever after!
In her dream.

[She takes a fork and starts tasting food after food.] Too bland. Too...myeh. [She takes the best dish.] Now, this is just right! [Continues eating the dish.]

Students: [Cheering behind Blondie.]

C.A. Cupid: Well, if I was Thronecoming Queen, I wouldn't change a thing.
In her dream, Cupid is in court.

I hereby excuse Daring Charming [Daring falls down a trap door.] and appoint his brother, [Dexter drops in on a moon from above.] Dexter, as my king!

Dexter blows her a kiss. In reality, Cupid is awkwardly pretending to kiss something and embarrasses herself.
Melody Piper: It's time to announce the Thronecoming Queen!
The students are cheering and the candidates are eagerly waiting backstage.

[Opens envelope.] This year's Thronecoming Queen is... Raven Queen!

Raven Queen: Wow! Thanks, guys! [Steps onstage and she takes a bouquet.] Thanks, Ever After High! You've made this Rebel wickedly happy.
Crowd: [Cheering.]

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