When Ashlynn receives a spellbinding invitation to the Blue Moon Forest Fest, Ever After High’s newest villain, Faybelle Thorn, starts to brew up trouble.


It's a regular day at a coffee shop and a barista is missing her caramel sauce. She leaves the scene to find some, unknowingly letting Faybelle Thorn flit in. The son of the Hero of Haarlem notes that she doesn't work there, yet Faybelle advises he mind his own business. Hopper Croakington II is next in line and he notices that the barista is Faybelle, the head cheerleader back at school. Faybelle reveals she's snooping and not working, just to follow in her mother's footsteps. After flattering and politely asking Hopper for assistance, he accidentally turns into a frog and accepts her offer. At that point, Faybelle is disgusted with his new form and uses her magic to toss him out.

Apple White and Ashlynn Ella have a drink together and a delivery hare hops up to Ashlynn's side, giving her an invitation to an exclusive Forest Fest. Knowing that Ashlynn can bring someone along with her, she invites Apple however she's unavailable due to an event with Daring. Apple unintentionally blurts out that Ashlynn has an invitation, which catches everyone's attention. Faybelle is also aware of this as she randomly whips up a free cup for Ashlynn. The son of the Hero of Haarlem asks for Ashlynn's invitation, but since his duty is plugging the coffee machine, the entire shop gets flooded with it.


  1. Lizzie Hearts
  2. Briar Beauty
  3. Duchess Swan
  4. Son of the Hero of Haarlem
  5. Barista
  6. Faybelle Thorn
  7. Hopper Croakington II
  8. Humphrey Dumpty
  9. Apple White
  10. Ashlynn Ella
  11. Delivery hare
  12. Cedar Wood



  • Faybelle Thorn makes her cartoon debut.


  • This webisode promotes the Through the Woods doll series. The next webisode will continue the events of this webisode.
  • Ever After High webisodes are usually released on every other Tuesday (unless the series is in hiatus), but interestingly this webisode was released on a Friday. As per Facebook, it is revealed that the next one will be as well.