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--Ashlynn walks into the room--
Ashlynn Ella: Who's ready for a fableous outdoor fun? Wow! I'm excited for Hunter's party, too. But, don't you think you're a little overdressed for an outdoor spellebration?
Holly O'Hair: I wanted to go to Hunter's party. But today is the Faybelle Formal.
Ashlynn Ella: Faybelle's thing is today?!
Farrah Goodfairy: That's what it says on this invitation right here.
Ashlynn Ella: (reading) Come celebrate all things Faybelle at this enchanting and mandatory event. If you don't come, I'll place a curse on you.
Poppy O'Hair: Seems fair.
Ashlynn Ella: I've been wanting to go to Hunter's party forever after. Oh, I wish there was a way we could go to both parties.
Faybelle Thorn: Welcome! Take a moment to look around and find your name card. At your fun, you'll find a list of fun facts of Faybelle facts and topics to help sparkle conversation, about—me.
Ashlynn Ella: Thanks for inviting us, Faybelle. This is, um—really something. Oh, we completely forgot the cupcakes!
Holly O'Hair: The cupcakes! We made cupcakes…
Ashlynn Ella: Of Faybelle cupcakes, with pictures of Faybelle…
Holly O'Hair: Which is you, hehn…

Faybelle Thorn:

Don't worry about it, we have plenty of food here.
Ashlynn Ella: Nope! Be right back.
Poppy O'Hair We're totally going to both parties. We were any smarter, we'd need bigger crowns.
Hunter Huntsman: Ashlynn --he picks her up and she giggles-- I didn't think you were gonna make it! Hey, girls!
Faybelle Thorn: Where are you girls? You're gonna miss the Faybelle Slideshow!
Faybelle Thorn: Where have you been? Where are the cupcakes?
Ashlynn Ella: Um, we ate them.
Holly O'Hair: We'd better go make some more.
Faybelle Thorn: Where are you girls?!
Holly O'Hair, Ashlynn Ella, Poppy O'Hair and Farrah Goodfairy: *they change getup with Farrah's wand*
Faybelle Thorn: Where are you—
Blondie Lockes: *snaps photo but they are not there*
Holly O'Hair, Ashlynn Ella, Poppy O'Hair, Farrah Goodfairy, and everyone else in the room: --gasps--
Faybelle Thorn: What the hex?! What are you wearing!? You've been sneaking out to go that other party! I am soooo putting a curse on you!
Ashlynn Ella: Hey, did you know that they have a carousel at the other party? --giggles--
Faybelle Thorn: Yaaay! -giggles-
Blondie Lockes: --giggles while chases after bear--
Poppy O'Hair: Combine the parties! Whoo!
Ashlynn Ella: Now we just have to decide what look to wear…
Farrah Goodfairy: *points the wand at the screen/camera with magic and it goes to the ending scene*

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