Ashlynn and Holly attempt a daring costume change in an effort to attend two theme parties on the same night and avoid Faybelle's wicked curse.


Ashlynn goes to Holly and Poppy's room to check if they are ready to go at her boyfriend Hunter's party. Ashlynn notices they are too suited up for a woodland party and they answer Faybelle has invited them to her party, and if they don't show, she'll cast a spell on them. Ashlynn is disappointed that Faybelle's patry is on the same night, but then she gets an idea.

At the Faybelle Formal, Faybelle is welcoming the guests. Ashlynn, Holly, Poppy and Farrah arrive, but leave shortly after, by making an excuse that they forgot to bring their cupcakes. They quickly rush to the bathroom, where Farrah transforms they're outfits and hair to look suitable for Hunter's party.

Hunter greets the girls when they arrive at his party. Holly immediately gets a call from Faybelle asking where they are. After a quick transformation, they return to the formal, to which Faybelle asks what happened to the cupcakes. The girls try to cover up by saying they ate them, so they'll have to leave and make some more. Faybelle try's to stop them, but is unsuccessful. The girls change their outfits again in the bathroom.

At Hunter's party, the girls are at a dunk tank where Poppy is about to hit the target. But then Ashlynn gets a call from Faybelle, so the girls leave, just as Poppy tosses the ball, causing Sparrow to plunge into the water. The girls make another dress change.

At Faybelle's party, Faybelle displays a slideshow as the girls quietly sneak out, transform their outfits, and return to Hunter's party. The girls are in the middle of getting their picture taken when they receive yet another call from Faybelle. They disappear just as Blondie takes the picture.

When the girls get back to Faybelle's party, they soon realize they for got to change their causal outfits back into their formal gowns. Faybelle is insulted and accuses them of sneaking out to go to a different party, and prepares to put a curse on them. But then Ashlynn tells Faybelle that there's a carousel at the other party.

Faybelle squeals with delight while she rides the carousel at Hunter's party. The parties have been combined and everyone is happy.


  1. Farrah Goodfairy
  2. Holly O'Hair
  3. Poppy O'Hair
  4. Ashlynn Ella
  5. Briar Beauty
  6. Hopper Croakington II
  7. Kitty Cheshire
  8. Raven Queen
  9. Humphrey Dumpty
  10. Lizzie Hearts
  11. Duchess Swan
  12. Faybelle Thorn
  13. Melody Piper
  14. Apple White
  15. Cedar Wood
  16. Dexter Charming
  17. Daring Charming
  18. Sparrow Hood
  19. Rosabella Beauty
  20. Hunter Huntsman
  21. Blondie Lockes
  22. Darling Charming
  23. Cerise Hood



  • Sparrow is a "dunk dummy" twice, the first time being in Spring Unsprung, and this is similar to Heath Burns being a dunk-dummy at a dunk tank twice.